You to can own your own 128 Bit number

From BoingBoing:

In effect, AACS-LA (the AACS Licensing Authority) claimed that it owned a randomly chosen 128-bit number, and that anyone who possessed or transmitted that number was breaking the law. Moreover, it claimed to own millions more random numbers — claimed that the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which criminalises telling people how to break anti-copying software, gave it exclusive dominion over its many keys.

Why should the AACS get all the fun? Princeton prof Ed Felten has come up with a great way of giving out legally protected 128-bit numbers to anyone who wants them. If he gives out 2^128 of these, then all 128-bit numbers will be owned and no one will ever be able to use a 128-bit key without breaking the law. Good times.

Mine is 42 74 BE 5D 38 BE 17 DF C1 23 86 D9 BC 61 26 1E

I now claim this number as my own, and you can’t use it to encrypt or decrypt anything!

The BoingBoing link has lots of background on the AACS kerfluffle.

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