Yard Sale

We had a yard sale today. It was the neighborhood wide sale today. In other words it was “swap junk with the neighbors” day.

So we put out some junk on the yard.

We didn’t end up selling much. (Not a big surprise, as most of it was junk.) But we did manage to buy more junk from some of the other sales!

I got two good finds. I got a Diamond RIO PMP300 MP3 player for $2.00! I put a batterey in it and away it went! Just have to figure out how to make it read from the Smart Media card (came with a 16MB card) and I can use it!

At the same sale I got a Wacom SD-510C Digitizer tablet for $6.00! It’s a serial device, so I should be able to make it go with my PC. Unfortunately there was no stylus, but I hope to find one on ebay. This tablet sold for $695 in 1991 when it came out. Hmm… Google is not being friendly to finding parts. Well, we’ll see.


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