Why I Love the Internet So

A while ago we were gifted an old kitchen clock (ours is yellow). It’s got that cool 50’s vibe and was apparently a wedding present for Liz’s parents when they got married.

It’s been running really slow for the past few months, and a couple of days ago I came home to see it unplugged and on the kitchen table.

“It was making a grinding noise” said Liz.

So I took it apart.

The motor is a cool AC motor and it’s marked Telechron.

Apparently the Telechron rotor was invented in 1917 and was used to power electric clocks until 1992.

Typing “telechron” into Google returned the Telecron.net site full of pictures of almost all the Telechron clocks ever made.

It also returned the TelechronClock.com site were the owner repairs the rotor assemblies and sells them!

So now we need to decide if this clock is worth $30 to repair. $30 isn’t a bad price for a clock, and it’s certainly a unique one…

I love the Internet.

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