Tucson Vacation Photos Up

We went to visit Liz’s Dad in Tucson over spring break a couple of weeks ago. We had a lovely visit.

I took some digital photos while we were there. I also tried something new: I have another older, not very high-quality digital camera so I told the kids they could share it. It worked out much better than I expected and they took a bunch of very interesting photos.

So here is the photo album: http://timf.anansi-web.com/images/tucson_2005/

I tried out some new software to make the album, so here are some notes about it.

  • You have to have Flash installed to view the album.
  • The navagation is not as intuitive as I’d like. When you load the page it will be blank after the logo goes away with some text on the left. That text is the navagation menu.
  • Clicking on the picture will advance to the next image.
  • To see a larger version, click on the little squares on the lower right side of the image.
  • The images in the ‘grups’ areas are 98% taken by me. Liz took a few.

Hmmm.. This album format seems to take a lot of explaination. I think I’ll keep looking and maybe redo it again later.

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