Trying to get my nerd on…

My Dell C6100 server arrived today. I worked from home all day so I could be here for the UPS guy but the joke was on me: he didn’t show up until almost 5:30. Bah!

But he delivered my C6100, another hard drive and my new System 76 Kudu laptop! The laptop is pretty nice, but more about that later.

Getting my nerd on. System 76 laptop on the left. Crappy monitor on the right.
Getting my nerd on. System 76 laptop on the left. Crappy monitor on the right.

After dinner I started playing with the server. I popped the three 4TB drives into sleds and stuffed them into the bays for node one. I powered it up and set them up as RAID5. The RAID controller software requires a mouse for crying out loud. I guess there is a CLI mode, maybe I’ll play with that on another node.

Then the fun started.

I had created a bootable USB stick with Ubuntu server 14.04.2 LTS on it. But it appears there is a bug that won’t let you properly install a server from a USB stick. It boots fine, but then says it can’t find the CD ROM to mount. I guess I’ll have to do more research on that one.

Thwarted at installing the server software, I started popping the 2TB drives into bays. It appears that one of the drives is DOA. No matter which bay I put it in, the server can’t see it. I guess I’ll have to RMA that one.

There is another weird issue too. If I put drives in the bay for node three the lights on the drives don’t work. The server can see the drives, there are just no lights. But if I turn on node two (and only node two) the lights on the drives in the bays for both node two and node three turn on. How’s that for weird?

I did pull all the nodes out to inspect them. They are a tight fit and the cables can get crushed or bent easily, so I guess I’ll pull them out again and look that the cables some more. I might have to open a case with STI about it.

At least all four nodes power on and see the drives, so that’s a good start.

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