Table Saw Ripping Jig

I’m making a two sets of custom grips for someone and they want the diamond pattern that I made before.

Diamond pattern grips.
Diamond pattern grips.

So I need to make some more glued up material.

In order to do that, I have to rip a bunch of 1/4″ and 1/2″ strips of walnut and maple.

The last time I just set the fence at 1/4″ and went for it.

This time I built a jig and a new table saw insert with a splitter.

Ripping Jig
Ripping Jig

I found a set of plans for free (pdf) and based my jig on it. I like the hard board runners – they work great and are easy to make and fit.

I ripped a bunch of 1/4″ strips.

1/4" Strips
1/4″ Strips

Then I interleaved them.

Interleaved strips.
Interleaved strips.

And glued them up.


I glued them in groups of three and off set the ends so they will end up at a 30° angle. Later I glued the batches of three into batches of six and then the whole stack. The last time I had some clamping issues with the strips and I’m trying to get around that problem.

I did the same routine with some 1/2″ strips.

1/2" glued up
1/2″ glued up

The next post will be about cutting them at a 30° angle and gluing them up again.

I suppose I should make a post about making the grips, they are a type I have not made before and are very challenging. (Wish I had a CNC router – that would make it much easier… I’d better get on that project.)

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