Surrounded by Morons

Today I have a nice list of moronic encounters – and it’s not even lunchtime yet.

We can start off with one of our customers. Three days ago they decided to change ISPs at 8:00 PM. They didn’t bother to tell us about it, so of course all our firewalls started blocking them because they are now coming from a new IP address range.

How is this our fault?

I got that all fixed up, but it’s three days later and we are still seeing fallout. I got a call this morning saying that none of the computers in their building could resolve our DNS domain. A little chat revealed that the people could work from home and resolve us, and a little work on my part revealed that all the rest of the Intarweb could resolve us. So I suggested that perhaps he should look at his firewall.

Again, not our fault.

Then we can proceed to our sales people who use BlackBerries.

We are using RSA SecurID to provide authentication to our SSL VPN servers. Most employees have the standard key fob RSA tokens, but since the sales people didn’t want to carry extra stuff, we got the software tokens for their BlackBerries.

This stuff isn’t rocket science, yet we have a couple of users who just can’t figure out how to log in with this system. Out of 20 or so people, there are two or three who just can’t get it.


After that we can proceed to the user who states that when she logs into the SSL VPN she doesn’t get any bookmarks. She’s in the exact same group as her Manager who is saying that this needs to get fixed. There are bookmarks in that group, I checked.

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