Suck it, Jesus

I just want to point you to RadicalRuss’ essay over at Pam’s House Blend about Kathy Griffin’s Emmy award comment “Suck it, Jesus!”

RadicalRuss says (among other things):

Bill Maher says this often, and I agree, that we Americans have way too much faux moral outrage. I mean, c’mon, you believe that the Creator of all time, space, physics, and energy, who went to the trouble of engineering a Big Bang and shepherded tens of billions of years worth of cosmic thermonuclear reactions in order to create a life sustaining planet upon which He could create bodies to house souls and send His son to death by torture so you could go to Heaven forever even though you’re a sinner by virtue of a fraud perpetrated by talking snake who offered a magical apple to a rib-woman, and you want to base our nation upon those principles and overturn 231 years of secular Constitutional rule, and YOU’RE offended by a D-list comedian saying “suck it, Jesus”?

Russ then goes on the deconstruct (again) the proposition that this is a “Christian Nation”. Which it most definitely is not.

Oh, and there is this bit I like also:

No, most people believe in God in the nebulous “there must be a Higher Power” sense, as in “the world’s a scary, infinite, and sometimes unexplainable place; I hope something bigger is running it all.” (It’s not. Sorry, it’s a whole lot of orderly processes affected by random events plus nearly infinite time. Human beings were as likely as silicon rock-eating creatures writing “No Kill I” on the dirt near Captain Kirk’s feet. The fact we exist and think only proves we exist and think, not that there is a purpose leading to our creation, or even that there is a creator.)

Well worth a read.

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