Sick as a dog

Man I’m sick. This is the sickest I can ever remember being. I felt awful on Wednesday but went to work anyway. My throat was really sore and I was hacking and hacking.

Thursday I spent all day in bed. Didn’t eat, didn’t do anything but take ibuprofen and suffer. My throat hurt so much that I couldn’t swallow water, much less anything else.

Friday was not much better than Thursday. My throat still hurt and I spent most of the day in bed again.

Saturday I got up and ate a little. But not much. Man does this suck. I thought I was getter better though.

Woke up this morning (Sunday) at 7:15, hacking my lungs out. So I got up, had some hot lemon water with honey and then some tea and honey and then went back to bed.

I woke up at one point, probably about 9:00, feeling great, but I was stupid and went back to sleep. So when I got up again at 11:30, my throat hurt again. šŸ™

It still hurts to swallow, but I think the fevers are gone. I’ll probably go to work tomorrow unless I wake up and feel dead.

Gah, I hate being sick.

Liz has been a real angel though. Steph is sick too and Liz has been waiting on us.

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