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  1. Hello Tim, Yes I did it I just took deliver of my xxl and have assembled it. Ran hello world and cried a bit it was so wonderful until i flattened the Sharpy point.
    I build a custom table for this monster of a machine out of steel and put a 1 inch MDF top on it. I am making a wast board now that I will ad on top of the original right now I am having trouble getting short inserts ( I used the Carbite C style wast board). My big problem is that I have to learn to deal with accuracy below 1 millimetre heck 2 or 3 mill used to be just fine. The good news is I am German and can be taught. I came across your posts in the Shapeoko forum that led me to your website. I would like to ask you for some advised in regards to accuracy. I grew up in Germany (Stuttgart) and moved to Vancouver CDN in 83. Lived there 30 years and then retired to LA Paz BSC Mexico. I have been self-employed all my life. My background is Electronics, Video, and building VW Dune buggy’s. Retirement lasted 6 month and I was of making Steampunk lamps and Tequila bottle lamps which I sell to tourists at the local markets. My need for more products and love for Electronics (making my own PCB’s) brought me to the xxl. I wanted a big machine so I could create several copies of the same product in one run. I knew that the PCB would only be a small part of what I do so the wood work was the reason for the size I choose. Now the learning curve starts.
    I work mostly in MDF and Plywood. One product is a picture of a VW at night driving on a lid street. I make a photo in Photoshop I fake or enhance the lights of the car and the street lights, then reverse the photo put it as a background into Carbite Create and assign 5 mm holes to the lights and pocket out connections between the holes where I run the wires for the LED. Some times I need to include electronics like a blinking rede and blue lights or I have to dime Street lights. I usually pocket out and area close to the bottom of the picture where I hot glue the small PCB board. I told you all of this so you can get a picture of what I do with the machine…. in the future when I get it to work perfect. Right now I am still dealing with an uneven wast board and I just found that my Z axis assembly V wheels where loose and I had major play so I was able to get them tight again but this made me thing how many things are there to check and this is the question??? Where do you recommend I start. I thank you for any direction you can point me.
    Tobias Kreisz below a link to some of my stuff.

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