ShapeOko CNC Mill Project Started!

I just placed orders for all the parts (I think) that I need to build and run my ShapeOko CNC mill!

I’m pretty excited about this project. I’ve wanted to have a small CNC mill for a long time and this is a (somewhat) affordable and fun way to make one.

I’ll be posting build notes and photos on my blog here, along with a running total of expenses. I had guesstimated a cost of about $500, but have made some upgrade decisions already (mainly a longer travel in the Y axis) that have blown through that budget a bit. I expect I’ll be spending the $75 to upgrade the Z axis in the future.

The one item you might notice is missing from the cost list is a spindle of some sort. I already have a spare Dremel tool that I’ll use to start, but I also have a Rigid trim router that I think will make a better choice. We’ll see on that one.

Running total costs.

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