RSA Conference Codebreakers Bash

I’m at the RSA Security Conference this week and tonight was the Codebreakers Bash – a huge party.

This conference spares no expense. It’s the biggest security conference going. And this party was amazing.

The conference itself fills up the Moscone Center in San Francisco, which is a pretty big convention center.

But the Bash was held in a totally different convention center, and it filled that up too.

They had two stages setup, one with a bad 80’s cover band (man, they murdered a lot of songs) and one with Renaissance type entertainment. Jugglers, singers, etc.

They had tons of food, and open bars.

And they had lots of stuff to do. You could:

  • Make a mask
  • Get a balloon hat
  • Watch a puppet show
  • Get a tarot reading
  • Work on a paint-by-number version of a large painting
  • Get your picture taken with the Venus on the Half Shell

It was an amazing party.

And I left my camera at the hotel. What was I thinking?

I feel really dumb.

But if I get the chance, I’ll be attending this conference again. And bringing my camera to the party!

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