RS Resurrection – We Have A Cockpit!

Spent some more time on the RS this afternoon.

I installed the brake and throttle assembly, the grips, the gauge cluster and the brake line from the master cylinder to the manifold.

The cockpit started out looking like this:


And ended up looking like this:


I also fixed the center stand and re-installed it. I may ask Gus to put a little weld on it later, but it’s better now than it was.

I finished up by taking the bike off the stand so I could pull off the front wheel. I have a new front tire to get mounted up and want to get that done before I finish putting the brakes back on.

I also did the preliminary adjustment of the choke and throttle cables. I had a dream last night that I started the bike and rode it around, but even though it started right up, I had forgotten to adjust the throttle cables, so it didn’t run well at all.

So this is the current state:


After I get the front wheel back on, the bike will go back on the lift. I still need to do the neutral switch and the oil filter. Then I can put the exhaust back on and get the seat put back together. I still need to sandblast and paint the battery cage – have to find time to get that done – and then it should be about time to start it up!



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