RS Resurrection – Reboot

Now that it’s finally stopped raining (for a while) I’ve started working on my R100RS again.

I borrowed a motorcycle lift from my good friend Gus, and let me tell you, I will never lay on the floor to work on a motorcycle again. It makes an amazing difference. I’m going to have to figure out how to get one of these for myself.

IMG_5849One of the things that I need to fix is that the centerstand seems to be collapsing. It fails to lift the bike high enough, so I pulled it off to take a look.

It appears that the bolts that hold the stand on are not the stock bolts, and the spacers are also not correct. This has allowed the stand to spread where it bolts on to the frame.

The part of the centerstand that bolts to the frame is made up of several layers of tubing that have been flattened. If you look in the photo below, you can see what is happening.

IMG_5852The layers are separating and bending over. The fact that the bolts and spacers are allowing the stand to spread means that the bike is supported on the bent part. So that explains the problem. The fix is to get the correct bolts and spacers, hammer the stand back into shape and maybe get a little welding done to make it stay fixed.

I also decided that since the bike was on a lift, and since I couldn’t remember the last time I lubed the clutch splines, that I would tear the rear end off down to the clutch.

IMG_1000On a lift, this is a pretty easy job. 🙂

The clutch looks good. The clutch rod and throwout bearing are in fine shape. The rear main seal is weeping a bit, but I’m not going to pull it and replace it this time.

I’ve ordered the parts to rebuild the rear brake master cylinder and caliper, a new swing arm boot (the old one is cracking), and a new clutch boot (I think the old one is leaking.)

I still need to get new brake lines (braided stainless), brake pads and a battery. I have a new front tire (and a new rear, but the one on the bike has lots of tread left.)


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