RS Resurrection – Odometer repaired!

The odometer on the RS has been broken for quite a while. Pretty much it rolled over to 100,000 miles and then quit working.

I took it apart a while ago, but couldn’t figure out how to fix it at the time. No idea why not.

In any case, I took it apart again and this time I think I figured it out.

odo2This is after the repair. The problem was that the grey gear on the right side had slipped to the right on the shaft. This made it so the number wheels could rattle around, come free, and turn however they felt like.

In addition, the grey gear also drives the trip meter, and it was moving around enough that it would not always make contact. And when the trip meter is your gas gauge…

Not the best of plans.

I lined up all the wheels (why not start at zero again?) and pressed the gear back into position. I dabbed a little locktite on the shaft afterwards in the hopes that it will help to avoid a repeat.

So that’s one more item to check off the list.

Oh, and the first batch of parts shipped, so they should arrive soon. Then I can rebuild the front brake master cylinder and calipers – I still need to order parts for the rear.


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