RS Resurrection – Good News, Bad News

Good news and bad news today.

Good news:

I picked up the stainless braided brake lines, battery and brake pads after work. I managed to get all the brake lines off and cleaned up and the rear stainless line installed.

Bad news:

The front brake lines can’t go on yet since the rubber grommets for the fairing pass throughs and fender brackets are all dried out and need to be replaced, which means I need to order them. Which I guess is okay, since that leads into the other bad news – the neutral switch is leaking enough that I need to replace it. It’s making a large puddle under the bike.

The parts website says I should be able to replace the switch without pulling the transmission (which means pulling the whole back end off again) but I’m not sure I believe it. I guess when the switch gets here I’ll try it.

There is some stuff I can do while I wait for what I hope is the last parts order, so I’ll probably work on that tomorrow.

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