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Motorcycle Ride Reports

Here is where you will find all my ride reports for the various motorcycle trips that I have taken. I have moved all the old reports here and will add new ones as they happen.

The Minnesota 1000/2000

The Minnesota 1000 bills itself as “Minnesota’s Toughest Road Rally”. It’s not easy.

I rode my sidecar in (part of) the 2006 Minnesota 1000. Here is a short blog post about it and my Ride Report with pictures.

Photos (but no story) from my 2005 Minnesota 1000 ride.

I rode in the 2003 Minnesota 1000 and actually wrote a Ride Report about it! Enjoy! (I took a bunch of photos that I will be adding soon.)

There isn’t really a Minnesota 1000 this year (2002) as they have rolled it into another ride called Two Wheels to Niobrara, but I am going to ride in the Great Lakes Challenge – where we get to try and ride around the Great Lakes (yes, all five of them,) in 50 hours. Insane!

I rode in the 2001 Minnesota 1000, but I seem to have forgotten to write a ride report. I’ll have to see if I have some pictures and put them up sometime.

My ride report for the Year 2000 Minnesota 2000 is here.

I assisted in 1999, so there is no story there either.

There are picures from the 1998 rally here. (But no story.)

I’m afraid there is no story from 1997, though I did compete.

You can read the story of my first try at it in 1996 here.

The Year 2005 Team Strange 21st Anniversary Grand Tour

Here are the ride reports for my 2005 Team Strange 21st Anniversary Grand Tour rides.

Starting out, there is a status page.

The Year 2000 I’ve Been Everywhere Tour

This is where you will find the reports for my I’ve Been Everywhere rides. It’s another wacky rally idea from those crazy guys at Team Strange!

IBET Ride #1: 6 May 2000 – In which I pick up six locations, ride 440 miles and buy a new motorcycle!

IBET Ride #2: 9-10 June 2000 – In which we ride 950 miles, pickup eight locations and get soaking wet.


Here are my other trip reports:

31 Jul 2007 – Photos from Last Tuesday in Duluth.

29 Aug 2006 – Photos from Last Tuesday in Duluth.

28 Sep 2004 – Took a ride to Duluth and wrote up a report.

On May 2nd-4th 2003 I rode down to Topeka KS with some of the TeamStrangers and became a Kansas City Barbeque Society Certified Barbeque Judge. I’ll have to write up a report and post it here later.

14 Apr 2000 – Here is my ride up to Areostich. (with pictures)

Oct 97 – In October of ’97, I went on the Frost Your Nuts Run. I finally got a scanner and here are the photos.

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