Review Time

I had my review yesterday. Apparently I’m doing an “Outstanding” job. Hmmm.

I feel that I’ve been doing a pretty damned good job, makes me feel better to have it recognized. Considering that I pretty much packaged up and built the NJ data center for the 2004 Olympics web site single handedly. I’d say that’s pretty outstanding. Not to mention all the other crap I’ve been doing around here. But at least someone has been paying attention to what I’ve been doing.

No raises yet because the board of directors hadn’t approved the budget until last night, but they have supposedly approved it now and we should hear about raises today.

I hope my raise is “outstanding”. If it’s not, I’m going to ask to be sent for RAS SecurID training and to get sent for CISSP training. If I don’t get that, then I may keep looking for a new job.

We’ll see.

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