Range Trip – 20140407

I had to take my Mother to the eye doctor today, and since she lives near the Oakdale Gun Club, I brought along my smoke wagons (and the 1911.)

I got to the range around 4:30 in the afternoon and I had the whole pistol range to myself! Whoo!

So I setup my camera and shot some video.

The first thing I shot was my replica 1858 Remington in .44 caliber.

1858I set the camera up down by the target and shot some video.

I didn’t do too badly considering I hadn’t shot that pistol for over a year.


Next I ran six rounds through my replica Colt 1851 Army in .44 caliber. I’m happy to report that the new front sight I made for it is spot on at 10 yards (no photo of the target though.)


While I was changing targets I found some of the spent wads that I was shooting. They made it almost all the way to the target.

wadsNext I hung up some quart bottles full of water and took some shots at them. The 1851 didn’t do much impressive damage, and mis-fired for two cylinders, so I’m not posting that video. I think I need to shim the nipples out on that gun.

So I grabbed the 1911 and shot the bottles with that.

1911Here is some video. Not the most impressive shooting, I’ll admit.

Black powder is fun to shoot, but it’s messy and slow. But any time at the range is good time.

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