Range Trip – 20120914

Dave and I went to the range after work today. I brought my four wheel guns (how do they keep multiplying like that?)

Two black powder, one rim fire and one center fire.

I had just gotten a Pietta 1851 Colt “Navy” revolver in .44 caliber and I wanted to sight it in.

This was it’s second range trip and I knew it was shooting high.

All the black powder rounds were a .454″ round ball over a lubricated felt wad with about 25 grains of Goex FFFg black powder.

I loaded up 6 rounds, but one of the nipples is a little short so it didn’t want to fire. I unscrewed it about half a turn and got it to go off after I shot this video.

We were shooting at 10 yards. It is shooting about 7″ high and a little to the right.

Here’s a closeup to show you the nice group that it shot. I was impressed.

I also brought along my Pietta 1858 Remington in .44 caliber and ran a bunch of rounds through it. I didn’t take any photos of the Remington but there are some here in a couple of earlier articles.

I also bench rest shot 6 rounds through it. Here are the results. I’m pleased. (You can ignore the smaller holes, they are from the .22 revolver.)

I shot a bunch of rounds off hand through the Remington with passable results.

I put up a bigger target for the last six rounds and took my time shooting them.

I also brought along the H&R Hunter Model .22 revolver that I liberated from our cabin in Montana this summer. It’s from circa 1926-1929 and it shows it’s age. The action is a little loosey-goosey and the trigger is not very good. I bench rested 7 rounds through it and got about a 12″ group.

It’s kind of fun to shoot as long as you don’t really expect to hit anything with it. Here is Dave firing off a round.

I also brought my Uberti Hombre 1873 SAA in .45 Colt and ran about 30 rounds through it just for fun. Dave put 10 through it too.

Dave brought one of his 9mm pistols too (forgot the other one at home) and put about 150 rounds through them while I ran about 36 rounds through my cap and ball revolvers. Fast to load they ain’t.

All in all a fun afternoon at the range. I like to shoot black powder and I’ll be replacing the front sight on the 1851 so it shoots to point of aim.

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