Range Report – Friday, November 25th

Since I had Friday off, and since it was relatively nice out (for November 25th anyway), and since I hadn’t been shooting for quite a long time, I thought it would be fun to run out to Bil’s farm and sling some lead.

So we did.

Liz and I had a nice couple of hours shooting my RIA 1911 and my replica Remington 1858 smokewagon. First we setup some targets, broke out the 1911 and slung about 35 rounds each of .45 ACP at them.

The Range
We were at about 10 yards. I’m getting better, all my shots were on the target at least and about 30% were in the black. I’m still having difficulty shooting consistantly with the 1911.

Tim shooting the 1911
Liz wasn’t too bad, considering it was her first time with the 1911. She hit the paper with almost all of her shots – only a few flyers.

Liz shooting the 1911

We both need to work on stance, as you can see from the photos.

Next we setup some bottles full of water. This is why I like to shoot at Bil’s farm instead of at a real range – we can shoot reactive targets. 🙂

I shot a magazine full at them from the 1911 and missed with all the shots. Disappointing.

So we broke out the smokewagon. It’s more fun and I seem to be more accurate with it. Liz is pretty good with it too.

Liz loading up some black powder and lead.

Liz Shooting

Me Shooting

It was a pretty fun day. I would have liked to shoot some more, but we ran out of time. It was starting to get colder too, so we packed it in.

Hopefully we can do it again soon. Thanks to Bil for letting us come out and shoot.

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