Poor Rosalyn

On Friday, Brittany, Rosalyn’s bestest friend, moved away.

Brittany and Rosalyn are both 8 and have been best friends since they can remember. Brittany lived kitty-corner across the street and down the block, we could see her front door from ours, and they would go to each others houses several days a week. They were in the same class room together at school and it was easy for Brittany to come to our house after school if her Mom had something to do or vice versa.

Brittany moved to Montrose. That’s about an hour plus away. No more will Rosalyn be able to call Brittany and then gleefully shout “Brittany’s coming over!”

No more will Rosalyn skip down the block and across the street to Brittany’s house.

Sure they can have weekend sleep-overs, but I’m sure those will taper off quickly and stop.

Sure there are more kids in the neighborhood that Rosalyn goes to school with and can play with, but none as convenient, nor as best a friend as Brittany was.

Rosalyn seems to be taking it well so far, and they are having a sleep-over at Brittany’s new house on Friday, but I’m tearing up just writing this blog entry.

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