Playing with Tagging and other S9Y stuff

Well, following Coolleen’s and Sean’s lead, I upgraded to Serendipity version 0.9. It’s got a couple of new features.

Oh hell, as I write this I see they have already released 0.9.1. Damn, looks like time to upgrade again.

In addition I’ve added a plugin that allows me to tag entries. I think tagging is better than catagories (or maybe it enhances them) because an entry can have multiple tags.

But the event plugin was busted. You would think that by version 2.30 of a plugin it would work, but no. There was an error in a SQL query. So I posted a forum question last night and had a fix this morning. So that’s all cool.

But now the sidebar plugin is busted. Apparently the SQL query for the display is busted too. So I have posted another forum question and we’ll see.

So for now I’m adding tags, but you can’t filter or query on them.

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