Playing the Nazi Card

In Usenet discussions Godwin’s law states “if you mention Hitler or Nazis in a post, you’ve automatically ended whatever discussion you were taking part in”. (Yes, I know, Godwin’s law doesn’t actually say that, but that’s a useful paraphrase. Go read the FAQ.)

The Republicans have now invoked the Nazi’s twice.

First Donald Rumsfeld states that the critics of the war in Iraq are like Nazi appeasers.

And Keith Olbermann blasted him for it.

Now George W. Bush invokes Hitler as a comparison to terrorism and bin Laden. Additionally, Bush tries to link al Qaeda and the US media.

And Keith Olbermann blasts him for it.

I’m beginning to think that the Republicans are thrashing about trying to find the latest bogeyman to put in front of the public.

And I’m starting to love Keith Olbermann for calling them on it!

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