Patching the Bedroom Wall

Did some stuff this weekend – worked on the house a bit.

About three years ago there was a big project in our neighborhood to replace a storm drain that runs down the street. So they tore up the street and drove a bunch of pilings into the ground. All the vibration caused this huge crack to form in our bedroom wall.

So Saturday we thought we would patch it. Hahahaha.

The crack started in the corner about 6 feet off the floor and ran diagionally down behind a dresser. We thought we could just pull the dresser out of the way, drive in some plaster washers and plaster over the crack.

Then we moved the dresser. The crack ran down the wall into this huge circular area where the plaster was pulled at least three inches away from the lath. No way was I going to anchor and mud that.

So I ended up pulling off an area about three feet by five feet and putting in a piece of sheetrock. Then I anchored all the edges and started mudding.

I put more mud on it Sunday and should be able to put the final coat on this week or weekend.

It turned into a bigger project than we expected (of course) but I think it will turn out okay when it’s done.

I took some digital photos and will add them to the house section of my website tonight (maybe.) I didn’t think of it soon enough to get a photo of the huge crack before I started. 🙁

Update: The photos are up.

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