No go

Went out to the garage this morning to go to work. Stuck the key in the R100RS and it said «Unh-uh».

Humm… Dead battery? It’s only been sitting a few days. Damn

Rolled the bike back into the garage, put it on the battery tender and drove the MiniVan to work.

I had to move some servers for work today, so that worked out. But still…

Have to check the water in the battery tonight, maybe it’s low.

More work

Sunday was wet, so I cleaned the basement and started making some storm windows.

Then on Monday I discovered that the reason the MiniVan was shuddering so much at speed was the dried mud packed in the rims from our vacation.

Now it only shudders a little bit.

After fixing the MiniVan, I scraped a bit more paint off the house and replaced some siding.

Busy weekend. I’m glad to be at work so I can relax.

Stripping paint

Spent all day today stripping paint off the side of my house. Whee…

I have this tool called a SpeedHeater 1100, it’s an 1100W infrared heater. It heats the wood under the paint and actually works pretty well.

Stripping paint is still a pain in the ass though.

New Server

Finally moved to the new server. It’s an IBM Intellistation with dual Pentium III 550 Mhz CPUs, a pair of 9 GB hard drives (software mirrored) and 416 MB RAM (soon to be upgraded.)


I also changed from a 675 to a 677 DSL router and almost tripled my speed.


Let me just start off by saying »Aaaarrrrrggggghhhh!!!!!«

Finished dinner. Went out to work on the bike. I was humming along, got the transmission degreased, cleaned the oil off the clutch cover and pressure plate.

Then I took the new clutch disk out of the box and started to put the
clutch assembly together… What the? The new clutch disk is about one inch smaller in diameter than the old one! Damn it.

The part numbers are one digit off. The one I want is 21 21 1 464 795.

The one I have is 21 21 1 464 796. The part number on the packing list is the right one, so who ever filled the order grabbed the wrong part.

And Bob’s BMW is closed until Tuesday.

I can’t do anything else on the bike without the clutch disk. Okay,
I guess that’s not quite true. I could put the fuel pump and filter
in. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

But I really wanted to get the rear end back together and take the
forks apart and I can’t do that until I have a clutch disk.

Crap. I was hoping to maybe get it back on the road on Monday. Now
it’s going to be at least another week. The soonest I’ll get a
clutch disk is Thursday.

Guess if I was really smart, I’d go check all the other parts out.

With a gin and tonic in my hand. That sounds really good right now