Few Updates

Looks like I’ve been getting lax about updating this again. I’ll try and get better (for all two people who are probably reading this.)

Yesterday I went over to my parents house and worked on reinstalling the radiator in their bathroom.

The bathroom is the project from hell. I’ll write more about it later.

Anyway, I got the piping done and the subflooring reconstructed. I might be able to install the radiator before the tile gets replaced. I think I’ll go over and see today if that’s possible.

Server Crash

Hmm… Another random server hang yesterday. I look in the log file and as usual there is nothing. The syslog file stops at 11:45 on Friday and starts again today when I rebooted the server.

I love computers.


Not much going on right now. This weekend was a mish-mosh of stuff.

Worked on the house on Friday and Sunday. Got some siding scraped. Fit a new front door threshold. Figured out a better way to make storm window corner joints.

Saturday Stephanie’s soccer team won their first game 3-1! They were excited. Then I went and helped Eric with his K75 clutch some more. We got it all back together.

Went to the Guthrie and saw Pygmalion Sunday night. That’s an interesting play. Some really good acting and beautiful sets and costumes.

Ah well. We’ll see if this week is more interesting.

More House Work

Let’s see, what did I do this weekend?

I’m taking Fridays off for a few weeks to get some work done on the house.

This weekend I replaced more siding, finished up two new storm windows and finished up the flashing on the small roof that I redid last week.

Nothing but fun at my house.


Well, this was a fun weekend. I logged into my server to check my email. When I tried to reply to an email, I got a «User Unknown» error. Huh?

Sounds like it’s trying to deliver locally.

Some digging around indicates a DNS issue. Humm… So I cat /etc/resolv.conf.

«File IO error.»

Uh-oh. That’s not good. I’ll shut down and do an FSCK in single user mode.

FSCK shows no problems, so I ctrl-d out of single-user mode to bring it up. A prompt comes up that asks what runlevel I want to go into. Hmmm… Never seen that before. Well, 3 it is.

Nope. 3 it isn’t. It tells me there is nothing in the inittab about runlevel 3. Oh shit.

It appears that there was some file corruption going on and the mirrored file system dutifully copied the corrupt files over to the other disc.

Crap, crap, crap.

I figured since I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the SCSI drives and the software RAID, that maybe it’s time to dump the lot. So I went and bought an 80GB IDE drive and rebuilt the server.

Luckily I managed to salvage all the data off the old drives, so we should be just as before.

What a PITA! Just how I wanted to spend my Sunday evening…