Worked on the K1100RS last night and got the forks rebuilt (new seals, bushings and oil) and the fuel pump installed!

Rode it to work this morning! First ride on that bike in about two months. Felt pretty good.

The fork seals were a pain in the ass. It’s a bitch to get the clip-ring out. The first one was really hard until I figured out a way to do it. Then the second one was much faster.

The new seals went in really easily. I was pleased. (Hope they don’t leak.)

I downloaded a manual from Ohlins for the rear shock and I might tweak it a little and see if I can improve the handling without having to get it rebuilt. Hope so.

Overall I’m pretty happy that the K Bike is back on the road.


I spent all day Saturday working on my K1100RS. I got the rear end all reassembled and then I got the forks off so I can rebuild them.

Sunday I spent all day working on my house. I got a big section of siding replaced, including a whole bunch of fiddly-bits in the corner where two sloping walls come together.

Man I was aching last night. As a matter of fact, I still hurt.

I’m going to try and get the forks rebuilt tonight (shouldn’t be to bad) and then all I have left to do on the bike is replace the fuel pump.

I should have it all done by Tuesday night at the latest.


I turned off my server to put in some RAM I dug up (which didn’t fit because the slots are off a little – I need to figure out why) and when I turned it back on disk 0 was dead. No spin, no blinky lights.


So I dinked around a bit and discovered that it was truly dead. Hmm…

That’s okay, I said to myself, I’m running RAID 1! It should just boot off the other disk!


Bzzttt – No Boot Device Found!

I took me an hour of poking around on the web to figure out how to get the damned boot loader installed in the MBR. But once I figured that out, ba-da-bing! Up it came!

Now I need to find another 9GB drive. Sigh.

Load avg

Ever since I fired up this new server, it’s been running with a load average of 1.1.

Why? I didn’t know. It was also running about 100 processes and swapping.

I thought it might have had to do with the fact that it only had 415MB of RAM, but still…

Today I realized that I was not running the SMP kernel. Huh? It’s a dual CPU box, why is it not running the SMP kernel?

A quick edit of grub.conf and a reboot and we are running the SMP kernel.

The load average is now 0.1. The number of running processes is around 75 and it’s not swapping.


Nice Day

Another beautiful day for a motorcycle ride and I’m stuck inside at work. This not being rich stuff sucks.

And the lottery tickets I bought last night didn’t win.


Works today

Added a little water to the R100RS battery last night. It wasn’t that low. It sat on the tender all night and fired right up this morning.

Nice cool ride in this morning. Around 50 degrees out. Damn that RS runs strong when it’s cool out.

Hope my clutch for the K bike arrives today. More likely tomorrow…

No go

Went out to the garage this morning to go to work. Stuck the key in the R100RS and it said «Unh-uh».

Humm… Dead battery? It’s only been sitting a few days. Damn

Rolled the bike back into the garage, put it on the battery tender and drove the MiniVan to work.

I had to move some servers for work today, so that worked out. But still…

Have to check the water in the battery tonight, maybe it’s low.

More work

Sunday was wet, so I cleaned the basement and started making some storm windows.

Then on Monday I discovered that the reason the MiniVan was shuddering so much at speed was the dried mud packed in the rims from our vacation.

Now it only shudders a little bit.

After fixing the MiniVan, I scraped a bit more paint off the house and replaced some siding.

Busy weekend. I’m glad to be at work so I can relax.

Stripping paint

Spent all day today stripping paint off the side of my house. Whee…

I have this tool called a SpeedHeater 1100, it’s an 1100W infrared heater. It heats the wood under the paint and actually works pretty well.

Stripping paint is still a pain in the ass though.

New Server

Finally moved to the new server. It’s an IBM Intellistation with dual Pentium III 550 Mhz CPUs, a pair of 9 GB hard drives (software mirrored) and 416 MB RAM (soon to be upgraded.)


I also changed from a 675 to a 677 DSL router and almost tripled my speed.