Naughty Rosalyn…

Well, well, well. Rosalyn has managed to get herself kicked off the computer for a week again.

Yesterday I caught her on the signup page to create an eBay account. I told her in no uncertain terms that she was not to sign up for an account. I told her she had to be 18 years old to use eBay and that if there was something she wanted to buy we could look at it and I would bid on it for her.

Last night Liz got an email from eBay congratulating her on being the high bidder on an auction. Liz doesn’t have an eBay account, and if she did the name wouldn’t be neopets_rule1234.

So this morning we had another little chat with Roz.

She won the auction too. All of $0.75 for 10 Pokemon cards. Not a bad deal actually.

So now I have to figure out Squid some more so I can send Liz’s computer through it and have it authenticate so Liz can go anywhere and the kids can’t.


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