My Latest Harebrained Scheme

I seem to have this wild idea all of a sudden that I need to build an electric motorcycle.

It all started when someone sent a link to the El Ninja electric motorcycle site.

I thought to myself, “hey, I could build one of those.

It seems to be possible to build one that goes about 60MPH and has about a 40 mile range. And the parts are about $1700 (or so) plus locating a donor motorcycle.

They want you to buy their book for $45 at that site. I don’t know if I’ll do that. And I don’t think I’ll hang the motor off the side of the swingarm either, having it exposed like that just seems like a bad idea.

I had a plan all worked out where I was going to sell the sidecar to generate enough cash to finish fixing up the R100RS. Then when that was fixed up I could fix up and sell the K1100RS to generate the cash to build the electric motorcycle.

I figure that since all I’m really doing on the K bike these days is commuting anyway, I might as well build an electric commuter. And I can keep the R bike for longer rides.

But when I brought up this plan at dinner the other night, both Liz and Roz (Steph is currently in Quebec) objected to the thought of selling the sidecar.

But Liz thought the electric motorcycle was a cool idea. So I’m not sure what kind of shell game I’m going to end up playing to generate the required cash.

I’ll be setting up a section of my main website like the sidecar section to track my progress. (Though it will be slow for a while.)

And yes, I need another project like I need a hole in the head.

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