My Laptop/Camera Bag Search Continues

The best way to take good photographs is to take lots of photographs. The best way to take lots of photographs is to have your camera with you as much as possible.

With that in mind I want to start carrying my camera back and forth to work. I already lug my laptop back and forth and I have a pretty nice laptop bag now, but there is no way to put my camera in it. I also have a perfectly fine camera bag, but I don’t want to have to carry two bags around all the time.

So I’m looking for a bag to carry my laptop and my digital camera around together.

I thought I’d found one the other day. LowePro makes a few combo laptop and camera bags and I thought I wanted a CompuTrekker AW. So I started watching eBay until I saw one go up with a buy it now price of $70. (The bags are $130 new.) So I bought it.

It arrived yesterday. It’s a really nice bag. But it’s huge.

My primary criteria is that it needs to fit into my motorcycle hard bag. There is no way this bag is going to do that.

So the search continues. LowePro makes a smaller bag called the CompuDayPack that looks like it’s smaller and might do the job. West Photo sells LowePro gear, so I think I’ll have to swing over there and check it out.

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