Motorcycle Season!

While it may be pushing it to declare the motorcycle season has started here in Minnesota, it did reach 60+ degrees today!

I rode the sidecar to work and back today and then got a ride to Home Depot on the FJ1200 after dinner.

There was some ice on the roads this morning and I was glad I had the sidecar as an outrigger.

The roads are covered with sand and oil and when they are wet they are slippery. I had both wheels slide a bit on an on-ramp on the FJ! We need a good rain or two to clean the roads now.

In other motorcycle news, I’ve got one of the crabs for the BMW R100RS rebuilt and I thought it would be fun to take a before and after photo of the two crabs.

Two crabs

I bought a pair of stock Bings to put back on the R100RS a while ago. I ordered the rebuild kit, took one apart and then just stopped. I finally decided to finish up the job and put the one back together.

After taking the photo above I tore apart the second one and started cleaning it up.

I’ll have to buy some parts to put these back on the bike, but it should be more reliable than the Mukinis that I put on it a long time ago.

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