Moto-Guzzi Rebuild Update 8

The last update stopped on Saturday. Sunday I did a couple more things.

I replaced the clutch cable. It might not have been completely necessary, but there was a spot where it was rubbed down to the spiral metal core and I was concerned that water would get in and rust it up. So I replaced it. I kept the old one as a spare though.

I also filled the transmission with gear oil.

I realized that as long as I’m changing all the other fluids I should probably do the fork oil, so I ordered a bottle of 10 weight fork oil.

The oil arrived yesterday, so I decided that I’d drain and refill the forks today. I had to move the straps to the rear of the bike and put the jack under the oil pan to lift the front wheel up.

Then it was a pretty simple matter to remove the front wheel and pull each fork leg, drain the oil and then refill it.

Here is the front wheel off.

And here is the first fork leg off – you can see it draining in the background.

Not very exciting pictures I’m afraid.

I’ve decided that I’m tired of waiting for the piston rings to arrive. I think on Friday I’m going to pull down one of the cylinders and see what the state is inside. If the rings look okay I’m going to just reuse them and install the new gaskets. There will be more interesting pictures when I do that.

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