Moto-Guzzi Rebuild Update 4

First off, parts have been ordered and the first batch shipped today.

Next is cleaning. Lots of cleaning. Not too many pictures though. Yesterday I cleaned up a whole bunch of the parts that had been removed. I mainly used the Northern Tool Tub O’ Towels Heavy-Duty Cleaning Wipes and I have to say that I’m impressed. These things cleaned the hell out of the greasy dirty parts.

Today I spent some time with some Simple Green cleaner and the rear fender, transmission and rear wheel. Simple Green also works a treat on dirty greasy parts and cleaned up these parts pretty well. The rear wheel still needs some attention, but the transmission turned out great!

Here are the transmission before pictures:

And here is about 45 minutes later after scrubbing with Simple Green:

Looks pretty good to me!

That’s about all I have for this update. Now I need the parts to arrive so I can start putting the back end back together. Hopefully I can get that done this weekend. Then I can start on the motor. I’m going to do all that work with it in the frame, so it shouldn’t be quite as large a hassle.

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