Moto-Guzzi Rebuild Update 2

This post is mostly pictures of the status of the bike after Update 1 and closeups of the oily reasons I’m tearing it apart.

At the end of Update 1 the bike looked like this.

Here is the leaking left cylinder base gasket.

It’s also possible that the timing chain gasket cover is leaking there. I’ll be replacing it as long as I’m in there doing other things.

Here is some oil leakage on the side of the transmission.

That’s a pretty big mess. Not sure where that all came from. I suspect a bunch of it is blown up from a leaking oil pan gasket, but it’s also possible the neutral switch is leaking. I’ll be replacing that gasket. It also looks like the shifter pawl cover is leaking, I’ll replace that crush washer too.

Here is a shot of the underside with all kinds of oil and sand on it. Yuck.

And another of the rear brake caliper. Just covered with oil.

I’ll be replacing the brake pads because they are just about worn out.

Lots of cleaning to do. I really should have used some engine cleaner on this thing before I started. Sometimes I wish I was smarter…

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