More Fabulous Poodles stuff

Heh. Now I’ve started something…

This is Think Pink is a great Fabulous Poodles fan site.

Here is a fun video of Johnny Valentino – the violin player from the Fabulous Poodles – in 1991:

Here are The Fabulous Poodles playing Mirror Star on Peter Cooks’ show Revolver in 1978

(man, what awful video effects. 🙂

I ran across The Fabulous Poodles in the used record store Oarfolkjokeopus that was three blocks from my house in the late 70’s. My friends and I would walk down there and buy stuff that looked interesting – and it was pretty cheap.

I found The Fabulous Poodles, Tuff Darts, Human Sexual Response (you have to love a band that plays a song named “Butt Fuck” on live TV), and many others. Now I have this need to borrow Kevin’s USB record player and make some MP3s. 🙂

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