Model Railroad Dilemma

Well, after reading some more of my Track Planning book and after a few comments from the kids, I’m not so sure I want to use a plan like the current design.

The current design is a point-to-point with lots of switching, which I think would be fun, but you can’t just fire up a train and let it run.

So I’ve been playing around with a plan that has loops at each end (a folded dog bone) but then there is not much room for switching. It also takes up a lot more space! The loops are a 24″ radius, so you need at least 4′ – 6″ to place one in.

I can make it fit in the available space, but access to the far side is problematic.

I’ll just have to play with it a bunch more to try and come up with a compromise that works.

It is kind of fun to mess about in 3rd PlanIt – it makes it easy to try stuff, but there are still some things that are frustrating to try and do in it.

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