Minnesota’s Perpetual Embarrassment

Yes, I am referring to Michelle Bachman. That big bag of bat-shit crazy that we (well not me, as I’m not in her district) sent to Washington.

Michelle is a model Republican in that she likes to make stuff up. Hell, let’s call it like it is, she tells lies. And the main stream media doesn’t call her on it.

Good thing we have bloggers like Wonkette:

Michele Bachmann’s got her name in the newspapers again! This happens very easily: go on the wingnut’s radio show, get asked “what’s the reaction” in Minnesota to the fact that the state has an “openly” Muslim congressman (Keith Ellison) who knows Muslim people (Barack Obama?), and argue that the liberal media is not concerned enough about this very obvious terrorism, what with the Flying Imams and stuff who probably all know Ellison from Muslim parties and Al Qaeda.

The transcript is full of teh crazy.

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