Milling Ruger Mk III Grips

I just finished milling up a set of Ruger Mk III pistol grips and took some photos along the way.

This is actually the second set I have made, but this is the first set where I used my ShapeOko to do all the work. The first set was mostly hand worked.

Step one is to create a pair of blanks that are 2″ x 5″ x 5/16″ thick. This is done in the normal wood shop way (planer, table saw, etc.)

Next I clamp a blank in a vise on the mill and mill out the pockets required for the left hand grip. There are three different pockets on the back of the left grip. I also mill two locating holes to fit over the dowels on the jig I built.

LH_BackThe back of the right hand grip is much simpler – it only gets the location holes in it.

RH_BackThe blanks get attached to the jig with double sided tape and the screw holes and counter bores get milled out.

BoredAfter boring out the holes, I fasten the blanks down with a couple of brass screws. Just double sided tape is not adequate to hold down the blanks during the next part of the process. (As I found out the hard way.)

I change the tool to a 1/4″ end mill and mill the profile into the blanks.

ProfiledI have some fuzzies there – looks like I need to sharpen the bit.

Then I chuck up a 1/4″ ball end mill and run the surfacing pass.

Surfacing About half done there.

And then we are finished!

SurfacedHit them with some sandpaper, a little finish and done!

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