Milled my first set of grips!

I fixed up my grip fixture and milled the perimeter profile on a pair of grips tonight!

Grip Fixture
Grip Fixture

I also learned a few things:

1. No matter how tight the dowels are in the holes, put some double sided tape under the blank. I had the first one lift a little near the end.

2. The straight router bit does a better job than the spiral down cut bit. At least in oak it did. Actually the finish was about the same in the end.

3. I can speed up the feeds and increase the depth of each pass. I was pretty conservative for the first go-round.

Here is a close up – they look pretty good.


Now I need to figure out the software tool chain to profile the tops. Then I can play around with engraving and machine checkering.

Oh boy, fun, fun!

Running total costs.

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