Memorial Day

*edit* I’m no writer, and failed to have my author friends proofread this before asking timmay to post it as me. I just want to convey my heartfelt appreciation for our troops

In honor of those who have given their lives or sacrificed in the pursuit of the core principles which make up our great nation I’d like to extend a warm, heartfelt Happy Memorial Day to ALL Americans.

I flatter myself to wish to be included among those who have won us this fine day by my meager contribution of service. I am no Audie Murphy by any stretch of the imagination, but I did have the distinct honor of serving with many who are (or were) soldiers of that caliber. I have no doubt that I cannot begin to comprehend the courage, honor, and just plain awesomeness which those that have and do possess, that guarantee our freedoms.

Without our fantastic military people, we’d be nothing.

I ask of you, dear reader; that on this day you ponder the values our service people stand for. Regardless of your race, creed, or religious affiliation, we’re all still Americans. You may worship whichever god(s) you choose to, I don’t care. Brave, selfless individuals before us sacrificed more than you can imagine to allow us all to do so. You may feel persecuted for your beliefs or lack thereof, but rest assured, the spirit of what they were fighting for, will protect you.

This day isn’t about you or me however, its about those who are gone. Those who have died in defense of our liberties. Honor them in this subtle way: a day off, some good food with family, some reflection, some appreciation.

Happy Memorial Day America.

Lastly, to our men and women serving in the military as I once had the distinct privilege to do:

We love you.
We miss you.
We are proud of you.
Come home safe, and know that we will always be here for you!

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