Had my LASIK surgery yesterday. Please forgive any smelling pistakes as all is pretty blurry right now.

So yesterday morning I had Liz drive me down to the clinic to have my surgery. We got there around 7:15am and then I had to wait a bit.

There was the normal intake stuff, had to fill out some forms and sign some releases.

Then after a bit, the surgery. What to say about that. It was unpleasant. It was uncomfortable. It wasn’t painful…

First they put numbing drops in my eyes. Then they had to put this suction device on my eye to hold it still to cut the flap. That was uncomfortable. They cut the flap using the new intralase procedure where they actually use a laser to cut it instead of a knife.

Then they fold the flap back. They have you look at a blinking orange light while they are folding the flap back and doing the actual laser work. When they folded the flap back all I could see was the orange light in the center and a large white ring around it. As they did the laser, the white ring dissapeared. That part was pretty cool.

So when it was all done, I could hardly see at all. I went home and took a nap. Then I could see a bit better, so I took another nap. Better yet.

I went in for my post-op checkuo and my right eye is about 20/30 already, but my left is really, really blurry. The Doctor says that all looks good and it just needs to heal some more. He says that when it heals it should be pretty good.

I hope so. 🙂

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