Kitty Story

So I get home last night and want to see the kitties. Midnight is easy to find, he’s zonked out on a chair in the computer room.

I wander around the house looking for Terra. Can’t find her.

So I ask Roz if she’s seen Terra recently. Nope.

I wander around some more, still can’t find her. So I figure she must be sleeping somewhere and I go off and do something else for a while.

When Liz comes home I ask her if she’s seen Terra. Not since before they all went to the library she tells me.

So I look a little harder and so does Liz. We wander the house, shaking a bag of treats and calling. We look in the basement, we look in the attic. Still no Terra.

Now we are starting to get worried. What if she got outside? That would be bad. We wander around outside, but no luck.

So I go into Stephanie’s room again to search more throughly. I sit on the bed and look around the room and then I hear a tiny, faint “meow”.

Hmm… Where could she be?

Then I hear it again. It seems to be coming from Steph’s wardrobe.

I open one side, no kitten. I open the other side – there on the bottom shelf is Terra!

I would have to guess that she climbed in while Steph was getting some clothes out and her “meow” is so quiet and pitiful that we just couldn’t hear it. (Unlike Midnight, whom you can hear all over the house.)

She doesn’t seem any worse for wear. She probably slept the whole time she was in there.

Silly cat.

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