Keys, keys, who’s got the keys…

I thought I lost my keys to the K bike this evening.

I drove the truck to work and back today, so the last time I remembered having them was yesterday. They live in my pants pocket all summer, but when I stuck my hand in there this evening to get my Swiss Army knife out it was the only thing there. Hmm. That’s odd.

I figured that I must have hooked them onto the truck keys and pulled them out of my pocket somewhere. That meant that they were either in the parking lot at work, the parking lot at the high school or in the street by my house.

I was pretty sure I had felt them in my pocket earlier, so I figured they were most likely in the high school parking lot.

Well, I know I have a spare ignition key… oh, wait, it’s locked in the Givi bag. I put the spare key in the Givi bag when I ran the MN2010 rally.

I then hid the spare Givi key…. where did I hide that key? Uh-oh.

So I had to do some head scratching. I thought I remembered taping it to the bottom of a saddle bag, but I also thought I remembered removing it after the rally.

I went out to the garage to have a look around.

Hey! My keys are hanging in the lock on the Givi bag. D’oh. Guess I had enough stuff to unload that I forgot the keys.

And there is the spare ignition key in the Givi bag, still on the Dr. Pepper key chain. It came that way from Eddie.

Now where is the spare Givi key? Not on the bottom of the saddle bags. Hmm. What’s in this saddle bag? Gloves, rain suit, first aid kit… You don’t think…

Yes! The spare Givi key was in the first aid kit!

The spare set is now safely together and in the box on my dresser with all my other spare keys.


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