Kevin Padian Explains Macroevolution

From over at Pharyngula comes this wonderful news:

The gang at the NCSE have put together Padian’s testimony at the Dover trial with the slides he used. You may have already read the transcript, but with the figures added it acquires a whole new dimension — it’s basically a wonderfully done primer in the basics of macroevolutionary biology. Next time some creationist tries to simper at you that he accepts microevolution, but that there’s no evidence for macroevolution and he refuses to believe it, point him at this page. It’s aimed not at scientists, but at the judges and lawyers at a trial, so it’s eminently comprehensible to any intelligent layman … and it crushes the bogus rejection of macroevolution that they are so fond of using.

This is a wonderful transcript that explains evolution. I have not made it all the way through, but I will.

I read Monkey Girl recently, and it’s very interesting to read the real court transcript of this testimony.

Thanks PZ!

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