Jonesin’ for a turbo

This is the text of an email I sent to a couple of motorcycle lists I’m on:

While all you old ladies are selling your ‘fast’ bikes and buying trikes (okay, sidecars), I’m wishing I’d never sold my Kawa 750 Turbo.

Sure, it was pretty clapped out, but it still went like stink.

So I have a dilemma… There is a guy selling a 750 turbo, with a parts bike and two other motors for $3k….

If I had a spare $3k that the wife would let go I’d snap this up. But SWMBO says I have enough bikes (is that possible?) so I’d have to sell one to buy another.

I’d love to pick this up. But don’t want to sell anything… And if I was to sell, would it be the R bike or the K bike?

While I did ride my turbo to MT and part way back (crashing it in Bear Tooth Pass due to a oil line coming apart) it’s not a touring bike.

So what to do? Winning the lottery doesn’t seem to be happening (never mind that I’m not even buying tickets right now.) I don’t want to sell the K bike because it’s a great touring bike (it’s foibles not withstanding.) I don’t want to sell the R bike because every time I get on it I remember how much fun it is to ride (and it’s a beautiful classic.)

Damn, damn, damn.

I think if I were to sell a bike, it would be the K bike. I like this bike, but I don’t love it as much as the R bike and it has some definite issues.

But the issues may make it hard to get much money for it. I’m sure I could get $4k for it. I’d like to get $6k. Don’t know if that would happen.

What to do?

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