IM with Stef

I just had the following IM conversation with my 19 year old daughter:

Stef: Why did you order a box of lead?
Me: for making bullets!
Me: is it heavy?
Stef: very
Me: 65 lbs
Stef: lol
Me: did the mailman complain?
Stef: he had it sitting on his shoulder and didn’t think I could carry it
Stef: pfft
Me: haha
Me: did you carry it?
Stef: yes
Stef: I put it on the piano bench
Me: that’s my girl!
Stef: which promptly collapsed under the weight
Me: haha
Stef: it fell through the floor
Me: well, I wanted it in the basement anyway
Stef: I think it destroyed some of your workshop, too
Stef: hahaha
Me: lol

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