I Think Someone’s Getting Jealous…

I got on the K1100RS to ride home from work this afternoon and headed down the road to get on the freeway.

As I accelerated down the entrance ramp all of a sudden the tach dropped to zero and the engine started running really rough – like it dropped a cylinder or something.

So I pulled over on the shoulder (good thing there was a shoulder) and shut off the bike. Maybe a restart will clear it up.

Nope, still runs like shit with no tach reading. Weird.

I put on the flashers and babied it along the shoulder to the next exit. Right when I got to the stop light at the end of the ramp the tach sprang to life and the bike started running fine!


So I got back on the freeway and the bike ran fine all the way home!

The intermittent failure mode and the tach behaviour rules out mechanical failure, so there must be some electrical issue. Great. Those are always fun to troubleshoot.

Preliminary googling doesn’t turn up much other than “clean all the electrical connectors” and “might be a bad computer” (Ye Gods I hope not!)

I guess the K bike is getting jealous of all the attention that I’m paying to the R bike these days.

And I just bought a BMW car why?

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