I (Heart) Orange Tools

CMT makes some nice tools.

I have a pretty good collection of CMT router bits and I’m pretty happy with them. They have nice profiles and they cut really smooth.

I recently replaced the Oldham 10″ thin kerf blade on my table saw with a CMT 10″ 50 tooth ATBR thin kerf blade.

The difference is night and day!

The Oldham blade was loud, it bogged down and burned in the cut, it vibrated, and it tore up the veneer on plywood something terrible.

The CMT blade is quiet, it cuts as fast as I can push the wood through it with no burning, and it makes nice clean cuts in veneer plywood. I wish I had bought this blade a long time ago.

I bought an 8″ JET professional stacking dado set recently and I just wasn’t happy with it. The bottom of the dado wasn’t clean and it ripped up the veneer on plywood something bad. (Sound familiar?)

Yesterday I returned it and went home with the 8″ CMT Precision Cut stacking dado set.

More night and day action.

The CMT Dado set is very nice and there is very little veneer splintering. I’m going to experiment with my technique a bit and I think I can reduce the splintering to almost none.

In any case, I think all my saw blades are going to be Orange from now on! They aren’t the cheapest option, but man they cut nice.

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