I Don’t “Believe” in Evolution

After reading this article, I no longer “Believe” in Evolution.

You don’t “believe” in scientific facts and theories. They either are true or they are not. There is no “belief” involved.

Am I arguing semantics? Well, yes, but that’s my point – words and their meanings are powerful and can define the argument. When it comes to science in general and evolution in particular, belief has nothing to do with it – or at the very least it doesn’t have anything to to with its veracity.

The other night my mother-in-law cooked a “Turducken” (you know, a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey). My wife asked which type of meat she had on her plate and a variety of quips followed – “Poultry”, “Some kind of fowl”, “Something that had feathers”, etc. I answered with “Something that descended from dinosaurs”. Facetiously (I hope), she quipped back “Only if you believe in evolution” to which I said “Actually, they descended from dinosaurs whether or not you believe in evolution”. Belief (or lack of it) doesn’t change facts.

However, scientific evidence has lead to the conclusion that evolution is at work.

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