Hurra Torpedo Rockumentary

I can’t decide if this is for real or not.

There is a video out there in the mighty intarweb of a “band” from Norway called Hurra Torpedo. They sing old pop songs and accompany themselves by beating the crap out of old appliances.

This morning a co-worker (thanks John!) sent me this link.

It’s a site about a supposed rockumentary that is being made about this band. It’s a total sendup and I can’t decide if they are really making a film, or if it’s just a good humor web site.

The subject of my film is Hurra Torpedo, a rock band from Norway that bangs out pop songs on beat up old kitchen appliances. As you can imagine, they’re a new kind of band that deserves a new kind of rock documentary. (Most people call them “rockumentaries,” I know, but that’s awfully precious, isn’t it?) I’ve done my homework on this one. I’ve seen every rock documentary ever made pretty much, and I’ve eaten A LOT of herring. Very early in the process, I learned that I don’t like herring. But I do love a good rock documentary. I’m going to follow Hurra Torpedo as they tour across the United States, and capture every smashed fridge on film.

In any case, the video clips on the site are hilarious and well worth watching.

These guys sort of remind me of Savage Aural Hotbed – a local band that uses power tools in their shows. LOUD!

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